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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the BV I earn off of the travel program count towards Zilis business or travology?

The BV is only for Zilis.

Do you have the option to pay a down payment on travel and pay the remaining balance before the actual arrival date?


How do I get the plastic savings cards that we saw at SummerFest? Is there an additional fee for them?

Once you have done the Home-Based agent activation, you will have access to the Travology dashboard, and within that dashboard you can purchase those cards. They are $495 for a pack of $500.

Can the discount cards from Travology be shipped by Zilis so that I can use my Prime shipping?

No, not at this time.

What do I earn for signing someone up as a home-based agent or selling the training?

You earn the difference between wholesale and retail! If they sign up as an Ambassador in your downline, you’ll also earn the BV that flows up through your organization.

What is the average time it takes to complete all 28 modules to become a Home-Based agent?

It’s completely up to the individual! You can complete the training at your own pace.

Are there additional trainings required and do they cost more money?

The monthly fee that is required for the Home-Based agent program provides access to ongoing training made available through our partner Travology. If you decide to specialize in one area of travel (cruises for example), you may wish to purchase additional training in this area.

To earn commissions on the enrollment, monthly fee and BV for travel, does someone have to be first established as a Zilis Ambassador?

Yes, the compensation plan only applies to Zilis Ambassadors. And the BV pays out exactly the same as if someone bought a bottle of UltraCell, or a bag of UltraGlow! We do not pay commissions on the Home-Based Agent business system activation, and we cannot for regulatory purposes.

Do the training modules expire if they are not completed by a certain time?

No. You can purchase your Travel Agent Training and complete the training at any time. You can also purchase the Home-based agent business activation at any time.

If I sign up with training first and then decide to not do the Home-based agent business can I get a refund?

You have 72 hours after you purchase the Home-based agent training to request a refund. For this reason we recommend that you do not purchase the Home-based travel agent training if you are not planning on purchasing the Home-based agent business. If you aren’t sure if you are ready to start your Home-based travel agent business, you may wait to purchase the training until you are certain.

Can I purchase my training modules now and once I complete them purchase the business activation?

Yes! You can wait to purchase the business activation when you are ready.

I have purchased the Platinum Pack, but I am not ready to activate my travel accounts. How long do I have to activate my accounts?

As long as you like. There is no deadline to activate (within reason).

I purchased the Platinum Show Special when will my first monthly payment process?

Next month (July). It will be tied directly to your autoship date.

What is the commission payout percentage when customers book travel through our booking site?

You will be paid 70% of the commissions generated when your customers book through you. Commissions will be paid the following calendar month after Travology receives the commissions from the supplier, which is 60 days after travel is completed.

How are our commissions calculated on bookings?

All vendors issue different types of commissions. Commissions range from 5% to 75%.

On the Home-based agent agreement, I noticed a place to put an EIN number. Do I just use my social security number if I do not have an entity established yet? If I create an LLC later, will I be able to switch everything over?

Yes, but you must return a completed w9 to Travology before commissions will be issued.

Are there any additional fees once we complete our training?

While there are no additional training fees required, you must continue your monthly Home-Based Agent subscription.

Will there be additional costs to access the Travel Agent Card mentioned at SummerFest?

As part of your Home-based agent business, you can apply for special memberships only available to travel agents, including membership for CLIA, the cruise lines international association.  You must complete the form and provide payment to CLIA to receive your ID card as an agent. All additional memberships are optional and not required. It all depends on how much you want to invest in your Home-based agent business.

If I become a Home-based agent, is it against the rules or regulations to book my own personal travel and earn commissions from that travel?

No! You may use the discount booking engine for self-bookings.

How do the $200 hotel savings cards work?

When the customer receives the card, there is a registration website to register a code and a pin that tracks back to you. When the customer books their hotel, they will see a dollar value of what can be applied to the requested hotel. If the savings is $200, the customer can apply the full $200 towards their booking. If the savings is lower, such as $100, then the customer can apply $100 and have $100 left over in their account for future bookings. This savings will never expire. You will earn 30% of the savings used for each card you give out (maximum $60).

I bought the $200 hotel savings cards, can I begin handing them out now before I complete my travel training?

Yes, you can start earning while you learn!

Can I split my hotel savings card purchased through my dashboard with other agents?

No, they are coded specially to each individual agent.

Does Travology provide a mobile app for on-the-go travel bookings?

Not at this time, but our site is very mobile friendly.

Can a travel agent have a VIP member that books travel for others?

No, the VIP customer is not an agent. But the VIP can book for others if the others are traveling with the VIP and the VIP makes the payment.

As a travel agent, can we book group tours? Is there a limit of the number of people on a tour? Is there assistance from Travology when booking and managing group tours?

New agents cannot book group tours until you have has passed trainings and Travology internal processing system. Until that time, you can refer your group customer to the VIP customer dashboard and complete a quote request and $75 service deposit. The lead will be assigned to a qualified agent and of the booking is completed then the $75 goes towards the required group deposit for any group contract. If the customer does not book, then the $75 is retained as service fee and agent will get 30% of the $75 and balance to the agent who did the work for the quote. Groups are typically defined as more than 5 hotel rooms, more than 6 cruise cabins, or any other type of booking. For large groups, the vendor typically requires a contract with large deposits.

Can a travel agent work with companies to promote incentive trips?

Yes, you may work with church organizations, college alumni trips, any large organization, corporate group incentive trips and so much more.

Do we always pay $.99 cents each for the $200 discount cards?

Virtual cards found in agent dashboard cost less, but the printed are more expensive due to printing and code generation cost.

Does a VIP member book their own travel or are we required to do their bookings?

You cannot book for a VIP customer since they have to enter their own credit card and private secure information that the agent cannot ask for. They will book through your site, and the only time the you are involved is when approved.

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