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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I earn for signing someone up with a Lifestyle Savings subscription?

You earn the exact same way that you do for selling any other Zilis product! There is a wholesale price and a retail price. The difference between wholesale and retail is paid out to you as the person who has either sponsored the person who wants to participate in the program, or signed them up as a retail customer. You have the exact same commission plan paying out as for any other Zilis product.

On the lifestyle subscription site can you filter by star-rating and by preferences like oceanfront, balcony, etc.?

Yes! There are many different features for sorting on the Lifestyle Savings platform and the same is true for the Home-based agent platform.

How many Boomerang invites are included in the monthly subscription?

Your Boomerang invites are unlimited! You can send out as many as you want for the opportunity to earn rewards!

Can you explain Boomerang rewards and how it works?

The Boomerang rewards program is available through your Lifestyle Savings subscription. You send out the boomerang rewards link to whoever you want to save. Once they make a booking, you receive rewards from their booked travel! You can redeem these points for free personal travel!

How do I earn with Boomerang reward?

Boomerang rewards are earned two ways: First, all personal bookings on the booking engine generates .01% of the cost of the transaction added to reward credits. Second, when your customer registers and books travel using your Boomerang link, the customer will save 50% of available savings and you will receive 50% of the balance in reward credits, dollar for dollar. You can use your reward credits by choosing “reward credits” as your payment option. Because you can only select one payment option, you must have enough credits for the full total in order to use them.

How do I send out a Boomerang from my account?

Login to your Lifestyle Savings site, go to the booking engine, click on send boomerang and follow the instructions.

Can a Boomerang be sent out via text or from a mobile app like our Zilis app?

Yes, you can copy a social media link that can be shared through social apps.

When is customer service available for those that book travel on this platform?

The Voyager Lifestyle Savings program offers 24/7 support through the platform booking site. You’ll simply login to platform booking engine, click on support, and then chat, to set appointment with concierge. You’ll also find contact phone numbers available call in hours within this section of the site.

If we find a cheaper stay elsewhere, can we get a refund of the difference?

Yes! We offer a Price Guarantee Policy as part of the Lifestyle Savings Program. If you book travel on the platform and find the same booking available for a lower price elsewhere, we will give you reward credits for 110% of the difference. Please note that the lower price must be an exact match.

When giving out the savings cards or sending the Boomerang link, can people search for their travel before signing up?

Yes, they will simply register for a free account to search the site.

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